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Good Health Starts in Your Mouth

Pure North strives to help Canadians feel better and live longer by taking a preventative approach to healthcare and stave off chronic disease such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and depression. Dentistry at Pure North focuses on where health begins – in our mouths. Our dentists also share information with patients so they can make educated decisions about their oral and overall wellness.



    Dental exams are an effective way to determine the condition of health in the mouth. The Pure North dental team checks for current as well as prospective health issues and creates a treatment plan tailored to your needs.
    Dental hygiene is a central part of good health. While cavities and gum disease may contribute to many serious conditions, such as diabetes and respiratory diseases, the Pure North dental team helps patients reduce the likelihood of issues through thorough cleaning and maintenance.
    Pure North is committed to raising awareness about the detrimental impact of mercury amalgam fillings on health, and offers participants the safe removal of mercury amalgam fillings as recommended by Alberta Occupational Health and Safety. We use restorative materials that have been shown to have less negative effect on the patient, the dental staff and the environment than mercury based fillings.


    Attention to detail is at the heart of everything we do. The Pure North dental team uses a CBCT machine to get an in-depth look at your oral health. The CBCT is a 3D x-ray that has the ability to show hard tissue as well as some soft tissue. It allows the health practitioner to get an extremely accurate image of the teeth and surrounding structures, uncovering dental health issues that are not found by conventional x-rays.
    The Pure North dental team use PRF in the majority of tooth extractions. Platelet Rich Fibrin has been shown to decrease the risk of dry socket and postoperative pain by accelerating the healing process.

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“I finally had my root canal removed and a considerable amount of infection in the socket above the root was found. Pure North has taken exceptional care of me and I wanted to personally thank you for your extraordinary compassion for others, research, and passion for preventative healthcare. Thank you for the tremendous blessing you have been to so many.” Sincerely, Phyllis Brinkerhoff

“Before Pure North I had a high level of inflammation throughout my joints and my body and my anxiety was affecting my joy in life. After having my amalgams removed I experienced a feeling of wellbeing. Mentally I felt as though I had a weight lifted from me and my overall happiness and optimistic spirit return to me. My anxiety was gone and suddenly the anxieties of life were manageable. My experience at Pure North was nothing less than amazing. I feel very blessed to be a part of this program.”

“After having my amalgams removed I experienced a feeling of wellbeing. “

“Before I came to Pure North Dental my health was failing. It had been over 10 years since I had a dental check-up and I had severe infection in several teeth and fought dental abscesses. Before my work was done, I couldn’t focus on and complete tasks well. My memory was failing and my energy low. Having my teeth repaired by Pure North not only improved my health physically but also made a great difference in my self-confidence and self-esteem. Pure North didn’t just fix my mouth and give me back my health, it healed my heart.”

“Pure North didn’t just fix my mouth and give me back my health, it healed my heart.”

“Before I had work done at the Dental Clinic I had mercury filling which often made me feel sick and caused migraines. Since having my mercury fillings removed, I feel 100 times better and I now have minimum migraines. I am very happy with the work done at Pure North. Since joining, I have become a nutritionist and personal trainer. I really do believe that prevention works.”

“Since having my mercury fillings removed, I feel 100 times better…”

“Before joining the program at Pure North I had trouble putting one foot in front of the other. My energy levels were low and I often felt hopeless. Since joining my mind has cleared. Headaches are very rare, I have a positive attitude and I feel like I am regarded as worthwhile and worthy. The staff are very friendly and willing to answer my questions. I look forward to each visit at Pure North. I am very grateful to be a part of this program.”

“…I feel like I am regarded as worthwhile and worthy”

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