Pure North has helped over 40,000 Canadians improve their health

Comments from Pure North Program Participants:

“I had a lack of energy, fatigue and muscle pain before I joined the program at Pure North. Since joining, my pain is gone and I am more active than I was before. The staff at the clinic are friendly and helpful.” – Toby, 48, Calgary

“I was not interested in health and wellness prior to joining the program at Pure North. Since joining the program, I have a better understanding of my body and what I need to stay healthy and I no longer suffer from as many colds and flus. I always have a positive experience when I come to the clinic.” – Mark, 35, Calgary

“I had a lot of fatigue, bloating, digestive issues and heavy metals in my system before I joined Pure North. Since joining the program I feel younger than my age. I now have good digestion and I feel that my health has greatly improved. I mentally feel more alert and focused. I love the program and services at Pure North. The staff are excellent. I feel very blessed to have found the Pure North program.” – Verda, 66, High River, AB

“Prior to joining the program at Pure North, I was tired and had anxiety symptoms. Since joining Pure North, I have more energy and my overall health is great. The staff at the clinic were awesome.” – Melissa, 35, Calgary

“I was tired, easily stressed, troubles sleeping, foggy thinking and generally did not feel well before joining Pure North. Since joining the program I feel like myself again. I can function with energy and a clear mind. My experience with Pure North has been amazing. I am very grateful for this opportunity.” – Sheri, 50, Calgary

“I had a lack of energy, cloudy mind, emotionally charged, miscarriages, over weight and frustrated due to my efforts not showing results prior to the program. Since joining Pure North, I have a clearer understanding of what I need to do and good direction.” – Michelle, 37, Calgary

“Before joining the program at Pure North I was taking supplements and thought that my health was good. Since joining the program, I am now taking the right supplements dictated by my blood test and on the advice of the health practitioner instead of just guessing. I now feel like my body is getting what it really needs. The services are excellent and the staff are helpful and pleasant to deal with.” – Carol, 73, Calgary

“Since joining Pure North, I feel more balanced, peaceful and I have more energy. The staff at the clinic are great, helpful and polite.” – Timothy, 55, Calgary

“I thought that my health was average but I was out of shape and had knee and joint stiffness before I joined the program at Pure North. Since joining the program, I no longer have joint pain, I am less tired and my skin has improved. The staff and services offered at Pure North are five star. I am on board with the vitamin D!” – Frank, 64, Calgary

“My mental health was very low before the program. Joining Pure North gave me hope. Since joining the program, I feel much more encouraged regarding my future. I don’t take prescription drugs anymore to kill the pain. I feel like a person not an object at Pure North. I have never felt this way at a doctor’s office. I feel privileged to be able to receive help from Pure North.” – Kathryn, 73, Calgary

“I had never heard of taking Vitamin D before – I didn’t know the importance of that. The vitamins … are very good. I really like the program, it’s excellent.” – Elva Pena, Alberta

“I’ve never been a vitamin taker but a friend of mine had been on the program for a year, and she said ‘You should try it.’ So I did. I really do feel it’s helped with my health. They are a very kind organization. They take time to listen to your concerns.” – Carol Mowbray, Alberta

“One of the biggest things was just feeling supported. They did all kinds of tests – it was nice to know where I was physically.” (Sandy) “The vitamins helped me sleep better, and I had more energy. Thank you, Pure North.” – Gerry and Sandy Day, Alberta

In this video, you can learn more about what Pure North participants have to say about the program.


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