Research shows the effectiveness of the Pure North program

The biggest advocates of the program are Pure North participants themselves. Many report that they have more energy, less anxiety, sleep better, improved mood, and many other benefits.

While it is very important for participants to feel better, Pure North also strongly believes in the importance of measureable improvement in the form of blood tests and other measurable health metrics. With each participant’s consent, blood and other health tests are anonymized and amalgamated and the overall effectiveness of the program is evaluated.

Research by independent scientists from universities around the world, who are not involved in the program, is also done to help track the program’s impact on overall health and the prevention of chronic disease.

To work with Pure North each independent researcher must obtain approval from a Research Ethics Board (REB). Once approved the data from participants is de-identified so the researchers cannot connect the information to any individual.

Pure North respects any and all participant’s decision if they do not want to have their information de-identified and amalgamated for research purposes.


“One of the biggest things was just feeling supported. They did all kinds of tests – it was nice to know where I was physically.” (Sandy) “The vitamins helped me sleep better, and I had more energy. Thank you, Pure North.”

Gerry and Sandy Day – Alberta
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