Pure North S’energy Foundation Calgary

Pure North S’energy Foundation – both the Precision Health and Pure North Wellness Clinic – ceased operating from their physical locations on April 30, 2020 however we continued to distribute Pure North Vitality Products, both by donating to former organizations the Foundation partnered with, and for sale via this website*.

On July 31, 2022 Pure North S’Energy Foundation ceased to operate this webstore.
Effective August 1, 2022, 1977204 Alberta Ltd, a for profit company, operating as Pure North took over the operations of the webstore.
The products being sold are the same products previously offered by Pure North S’Energy Foundation.

Accessing Your Pure North Records

If you wish to have your personal Pure North health records sent to you, please email contact@PNrecords.ca. There will be a small charge to access your files. 

Every one of our clients will be given the opportunity to have their Pure North health care records transitioned to one of our four Naturopathic Doctors. These doctors have agreed to continue operations as sole practitioners in their own clinics.
Scroll below to see current contact details of each practitioner.