Pure North S’energy Foundation is now permanently closed.

Thank you for your support over the past decade.

The Board of Directors of Pure North have made the challenging decision to cease operations on April 30. This includes the Precision Health and Pure North Wellness clinics.

The Pure North Dental Clinic will continue operations under the leadership of Dr. Andrew Yegorovykh.

Pure North’s Closure

Our first priority is our clients, their health and well-being, through this closure process.

If you wish to have your personal Pure North health records sent to you, please email contact@PNrecords.ca. There will be a small charge to access your files. In addition, you will be required to complete this form:  alberta.ca/assets/documents/hia-request-access-form.pdf.

Every one of our clients will be given the opportunity to have their Pure North health care records transitioned to one of our four Naturopathic Doctors. These doctors have agreed to continue operations as sole practitioners in their own clinics.

LUDO BRUNEL, Naturopathic Doctor

Ludo is a partner at the Naturmend clinic, 905 1st Ave NE, Calgary. He can be reached by phone at 403.457.3205.


COURTNEY CULHAM, Nurse Practitioner

Courtney is practising at Capsule Clinic, 110, 1011 1 Street SW, Calgary. She can be reached by phone at 587.323.9900. Her email is Courtney.culham@satorigroup.ca.



TIM WARWICK, Naturopathic Doctor

Tim will be working at VIVE Integrative Health Group (1889 45th Street NW) and Aeon Future Health (opening summer 2020). He can be reached at 403.984.3538 or by email at drtim@vivehealth.ca.



LISA KOPP, Naturopathic Doctor

Lisa will be practicing at Paradigm Health Group just south of Macleod Trail and Southland Drive (#529, 10333 Southport Road SW, Calgary). She can be reached at 403.301.7406.


NINA LEWIS LARSSON, Naturopathic Doctor

Nina will be starting her own practice at Elevated Health in Marda Loop, Calgary. She can be reached at 403.498.6870 or by email at Info@drninalewis.com


DEANNA SYKES, Nurse Practitioner

Deanna is practising at Create Pharmacy and Compounding Centre, 159 Mahogany Circle SE, Calgary. She can be reached by phone at 403.299.5819 or 403.299.5808. Her email is deanna@createpharmacy.ca.

KATHY TISSINGTON, Nurse Practitioner

Kathy is practising at Glo Antiaging, 813, 800 14th Street NW, Calgary. She can be reached by phone at 403.455.0444. Her email is Kathy@gloantiaging.com.


Our Naturopathic Doctors will be continuing to practice in private clinics.


All of your personal health information is being managed in accordance with the Health Information Act.

Precision Health Clinic

Our Nurse Practitioners are continuing to practice in private practice.

Dental Clinic

The Pure North Dental Clinic, including general, restorative, preventative and cosmetic services, will continue operations under the leadership of Dr. Andrew Yegorovykh.