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The premier not-for-profit provider of preventative wellness programs

Program History

Since 2007, the Pure North S’Energy Foundation has been the premier not-for-profit provider of preventative wellness programs for participants across Canada. Our goal is to shift the focus of health treatment to prioritize the prevention of disease and illness and improve the overall health of Canadians.

More than 45,000 Canadians have benefited from Pure North’s commitment to wellness. Our programs and supplements are offered in a cost-conscious manner with plans created to provide an option at every budget and desired level of health support. Our highly skilled team of healthcare professionals, including registered nurses, nurse practitioners, nursing aids, phlebotomists, pharmacists and naturopathic doctors, are passionate about helping you live your best life possible.

Goals of the Foundation

Pure North is on a mission to help Canadians live the healthiest life possible by focusing on primary prevention support. At Pure North we believe “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. By providing Canadians with support before they get sick, we believe we can help people stay healthy and ultimately reduce the costs and demand on our healthcare system. We believe that optimal nutrition is the best way to stay healthy.

As a not-for-profit, Pure North charges a cost-recovery fee, which covers the cost of lab tests and supplements, to participants who don’t require financial assistance. In addition, Pure North delivers the program daily to the homeless and addicted populations at various locations throughout Calgary free of charge.

Learn about Pure North Founder Allan Markin and Pure North’s Board of Directors.

“One of the biggest things was just feeling supported. They did all kinds of tests – it was nice to know where I was physically.” (Sandy) “The vitamins helped me sleep better, and I had more energy. Thank you, Pure North.”

Gerry and Sandy Day – Alberta
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