Preventative Care in the Media

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – Benjamin Franklin

Our health care system recognizes the importance of integrative health, including diet, exercise, nutritional therapy, and mindfulness meditation. Yet, health care models in the Canada still reward treatment, not prevention. In other words, you have to already be sick before you can get support from our health care system.

Here are some of the latest news articles on Pure North and preventative health care.


Prevention: An Economically Responsible Approach to Health

The solution to the growing health care costs in Alberta is prevention, yet little has been done to make this shift.
These are the opinions shared this week in an article by Dr. Herb Emery, the Vaughn Chair in Regional Economics at the University of New Brunswick.
Emphasizing the findings from his recent publication centered on participants of the Pure North S’Energy Foundation, Dr. Emery states that nearly a quarter of hospital stays and emergency visits and 6% of visits to family physicians can be avoided if comparable care were achieved province-wide in Alberta. This translates to a $1 billion dollar savings in just one year.
What is standing in the way of changing our health spending priorities? Social and political disinterest? Resistance from stakeholders benefitting from this broken system?
Regardless of the reason, what is clear is that if we continue on the same path, taxpayers will pay more as access to healthcare becomes increasingly limited and health outcomes worsen.

Helping Those in the Community

Licia Corbella, a columnist with the Calgary Herald, shares her powerful story of overcoming cancer-related fatigue with the help of Pure North.




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