Our history & Goals

Program History

Since 2007, the Pure North S’Energy Foundation has been the premier not-for-profit provider of preventative wellness programs for participants across Canada. Our goal is to shift the focus of health treatment to prioritize the prevention of disease and illness and improve the overall health of Canadians.

More than 50,000 Canadians have benefited from Pure North’s commitment to wellness. Our programs and supplements are offered in a cost-conscious manner with plans created to provide an option at every budget and desired level of health support. Our highly skilled team of healthcare professionals, including registered nurses, nurse practitioners, nursing aids, phlebotomists, pharmacists and naturopathic doctors, are passionate about helping you live your best life possible.

Goals of the Foundation

Pure North is on a mission to help Canadians live the healthiest life possible by focusing on primary prevention support. At Pure North we believe “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. By providing Canadians with support before they get sick, we believe we can help people stay healthy and ultimately reduce the costs and demand on our healthcare system. We believe that optimal nutrition is the best way to stay healthy.

As a not-for-profit, Pure North charges a cost-recovery fee, which covers the cost of lab tests and supplements, to participants who don’t require financial assistance. In addition, Pure North delivers the program daily to the homeless and addicted populations at various locations throughout Calgary free of charge.

Learn about Pure North Founder Allan Markin and Pure North’s Board of Directors.

about Our Founder, Allan Markin

Allan Markin is the Founder and Chief Accountability Officer of Pure North and is a passionate advocate for better health. Mr. Markin is also a well-known Calgarian, philanthropist and co-founder of Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL).

After implementing a highly successful corporate health and wellness program at CNRL, Mr. Markin recognized the opportunity to expand this program to help Canadians access a preventative healthcare support program to help them live the healthiest life possible.

Allan’s presence is reflected in Pure North’s research-driven core, the ambition to create significant government policy change and the motivation for everyone to live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

In addition to Pure North Mr. Markin is well known for his other philanthropic endeavors. Educational institutes are a passion of Mr. Markin and he has donated over $20 million dollars which has allowed the University of Calgary to open a public health institute, assisted the Legacy of Leadership campaign at the University of Lethbridge, helped Northern Lights College open the Centre of Excellence in Fort. St. John and supported the St. Francis Xavier University’s Coady International Institute, which helps students from developing nations to make a meaningful difference in their communities. Mr. Markin has provided funds to the University of Alberta to set up a Research Chair in Nutrition and Disease Prevention and supports St. Mary’s University. In addition, Mr. Markin funds an elementary school program to help kids learn to be healthy and form lifelong healthy habits.