Frequently Asked Questions

Current Participants

Does medical insurance cover the Health & Vitality Assessment and Pure North’s various program options?

The Pure North Program is covered by some flex care spending accounts. However, each medical insurance program is different so we encourage everyone to check with his or her provider for coverage details.

In some instances portions of the program may be covered, if not in its entirety. For example, the paramedical service provided includes a consultation with a healthcare practitioner (naturopathic doctor or nurse practitioner), which may be covered by your medical insurance while the supplements may not be covered. The Pure North team can help you navigate the questions your insurance provider has to determine which, if any, portion of the program is covered by insurance.

Can I purchase supplements without being on one of the plans?

No. Supplements are only available to Pure North Program participants.

If I’m part of the Gold Plan but would like to purchase additional supplements not included in this plan, am I able to?

Yes, though we encourage all participants to discuss the merits of the additional supplements with their healthcare practitioner to ensure they will be beneficial.

Do I need to pay for shipping? 

If you live in the same city as one of the clinics, we request that you pick up your supplements at the clinic. We encourage you to call in advance to confirm your supplements are in stock.

If you do not live in the same city as one of the clinics we will ship supplements to you. Please call or email the main office to order supplements with the list of the supplements you need.

Are children eligible to join?

The Pure North Program is open to participants over the age of 14. If you are curious if the Pure North Program may be beneficial to your child, over the age of 14, please do not hesitate to give us a call to discuss.

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