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Your personalized 16 Point Health Assessment measures the nutrient levels in your body as well as identifies cardiovascular health, inflammatory markers, thyroid, kidney and liver health as well as blood sugar level.

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Our Health is One of Our Most Important Assets

Living our healthiest life possible is something we all strive for.

Exercising, eating healthy, minimizing stress, getting enough sleep and taking our vitamins. We strive to do each of these things each day to feel our best and prevent many illnesses and diseases.

While there are some basics of good health there is a lot of guesswork when it comes to understanding the specific things we should be doing to feel better and live a healthier life.

1. The $129 16 Point Health Assessment

Your personal health benchmark, the 16 Point Health Assessment – which is cost-recoupable under many extended health benefit programs – uses a blood draw to measure the nutrient levels in your body as well as identify cardiovascular health, inflammatory markers, thyroid, kidney and liver heath as well as blood sugar level.

While your family doctor can provide a number of these tests they require symptoms to be present, or a certain milestone such as age, to be able to order these tests for you.

Pure North believes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Getting started is easy, just book your appointment at one of our local clinics – centrally located in Calgary, Vancouver, Fort St. John, and Lloydminster.

Dedicated to helping you before you get sick, and armed with the information from your 16 Point Health Assessment, Pure North will help you better understand your body and the important things you can do on a daily basis to feel better and life your healthiest life.

2.Your Personal Health and Illness Prevention Plan

A Pure North healthcare practitioner will take the time to sit down with you and go through your 16 Point Health Assessment line-by-line. In this meeting you will talk about lifestyles changes to consider to improve your health and what vitamins and minerals you should be taking to optimize your health.This appointment is included in the $129 price of the 16 Point Health Assessment.





3. Pick Your Supplement and Health Support Plan

To support you day-to-day, in looking after your health, Pure North offers a number of supplement and health support plans. Some plans are basic and some are extremely robust. Starting at just $25 per month, the plans have been created to provide an option for every budget and desired level of health support.

You simply pick the plan that best suits your needs and health goals. There is no obligation to sign up for a plan.

Don’t wait, take control of your health today. Book a 16 Point Assessment now.



The Importance of Supplementation

Everyone benefits from taking vitamin and mineral supplements.

Doctors regularly recommend supplements – everything from calcium to vitamin D. The problem is these are blanket recommendations and do not take into consideration how much you need – as an individual– to properly benefit from that nutrient.

The 16 Point Health Assessment takes the guesswork out of supplements and uses the results of your blood panel to identify exact what – and how much – your body needs to be its healthiest. This way you’re not spending money on supplements you don’t need and you know your body is getting exactly what it does need.

The Supplement Quality Spectrum

The quality of supplements is extremely important and unfortunately there is a significant spectrum of supplement quality available today. Some supplement brands cut corners when it comes to the ingredients they use. Others offer supplements with lower potency.

Pure North spends a substantial amount of time and resources researching supplement quality so you don’t have to.

The supplements available from Pure North are from best-in-the-industry suppliers including:


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“I’ve never been a vitamin taker but a friend of mine had been on the program for a year, and she said ‘You should try it.’ So I did. I really do feel it’s helped with my health. They are a very kind organization. They take time to listen to your concerns.”

Carol Mowbray - Alberta
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