Pure North Health Tracker App

Tracking your Health with the Pure North Health Tracker App

How do you remember to take all of your supplements each day? Do you monitor any the physical or mental changes associated with your supplements?

For many, remembering to take daily supplements is a challenge and recalling how you felt a month ago can be nearly impossible.

To help you on your health journey on a daily basis, Pure North now has a free Health Tracker App. With the Pure North Health Tracker App you can:

  • Set up daily supplement reminder and alerts to help prompt you to take your supplements each day and at the right time.
  • Log and track your health metrics such as sleep, stress, energy, aches and pains, exercise and mood to help more accurately monitor trends and improvements.
  • Access daily health tips and tricks.
Why Track your Progress?

Health and wellness is not a “set and forget” matter. It takes time to recognize and appreciate progress and improvements. The Pure North Health Tracker App is designed to be a valuable and accurate record of your supplementation and health journey. Regularly recording changes over time will be beneficial in identifying trends in your overall sense of well-being and vitality. You can even share the progress you tracked in the Pure North Health Tracker App with your Pure North Health Practitioner to provide them with health information.

What can you track?

The Pure North Health Tracker App lets you track your supplementation, the length and intensity of your exercise, your sleep quality, and your mood, stress, and energy levels for each day. You can also track your weight, and whether you are feeling ill, or have any aches and pains.

How to use the Pure North Health Tracker

To download the Pure North Health Tracker App for free on your Android or iPhone, visit the Google Play Store or the Apple App store

The App will walk you through the initial setup of your account, then you will be taken to the Pure North Health Tracker Homepage. 

Here you will see icons for Supplements, Mood, Exercise, Sleep, Stress, and Energy. Pressing on one of these icons will lead to a page where a question will be waiting for you (e.g., “Have you taken your supplements today?”, “Have you exercised today?”, “How has your energy been today”). Some pages have several questions (e.g., “How long did you exercise?”, “At what intensity?”) so make certain to answer all. 

Also on the Homepage is the option to Track More. Pressing on this button will reveal icons to track your Weight, Illness, and Pain. 

The Pure North Health Tracker also allows you to set reminders and alerts to track all of your health information throughout the day. You can set multiple daily reminders to ensure you take all of your supplements. Access the reminder settings by pressing the Setting button and navigating to the reminder section. 

The Pure North Health Tracker allows you to track your progress for any of the health metrics. Press the Progress button beside the Homepage button. A simple graph helps you follow and visualize your progress. You can view your All Time progress or focus in on the last 30 or 7 days. 

Return to the Homepage at any time by pressing the Home button or to the Progress page by pressing the Progress button.