Frequently Asked Questions


Precision Health Questions you may have

You may be able to claim a portion of your program expenses if you have employee health benefits, health insurance, or an employer provided health spending account. Typically eligible services are referred to as Paramedical Services. This includes diagnostic testing, but most of the testing done at Precision Health will be covered by Alberta Health.

Please note that supplements are not covered as they are currently not recognised in Canada as an eligible medical expense. Contact your benefits provider and ask about your coverage. Upon request our team can provide you with a detailed receipt that lists eligible services you have received, their value, and if applicable, the health practitioner’s name and licence number for you to use with your reimbursement claim.

No, if you choose to join a Precision Health program you will be signing a contract for one year. You will be able to spread your annual membership out to monthly payments, but the costs incurred are usually during the first couple of visits and we work on a cost-recovery basis.

Yes, you will be eligible to purchase high quality supplements and additional blood work and Pure North services as a member of Precision Health – similar to being a Flex member through Pure North.

Should you choose to join a Precision Health membership, your Nurse Practitioner may take the place of a family physician. However, if you decide to keep your family physician and join Precision Health, we will certainly encourage you to share all of your results with your family doctor. Your Nurse Practitioner will, with your consent, share all of your results with your family doctor.

Yes, all personal information is kept strictly confidential.

With participants’ permission, their blood and other health tests are anonymized and amalgamated to assess the benefits of the program. The anonymized dataset is also provided to independent scientists from universities around the world to help evaluate the program’s impact on overall health and the prevention of chronic disease.