Why Precision Health? In Your Words

We created Precision Health initially as a part of a government initiative to utilize Nurse Practitioners to their full scope of practice and at the same time, to meet the needs of our participants at Pure North. People who are interested in preventive health, in staying healthy and avoiding chronic disease. This is the feedback we’ve had so far.

I joined Precision Health because the medical profession was not able to help me. It seems they are equipped for crisis care and my symptoms do not register on their critical assessment scales. So far it [the staff] have been very friendly and I’m hopeful"
Calgary, AB
The best care. I am so happy. I received the blood work I needed. My problems were identified and I feel so much better. The right supplements were recommended in my healing, not just something for the symptoms. The Staff is professional, friendly and patient. The best care I have received was here.”
Calgary, AB
I joined Precision Health because they understand alternative treatments that not all western doctors acknowledge. I like having my vitamin D level monitored and my family doctor can’t do that.”
Calgary, AB
I love the approach and [their] help, especially how to support my health from a holistic way.”
Calgary, AB
I like the integrated approach to healthcare including [their] focus on preventative medicine.”
Calgary, AB
I’m very happy with their overall approach and attitude regarding my health. They practice “Preventative Medicine” including detailed blood work.”
Calgary, AB
I feel supported and acknowledged. I have improved emotionally, mentally and physically since coming to Precision. My symptoms have decreased and my overall health has improved. They go above and beyond when dealing with health issues and finding causes and solutions.
Calgary, AB
Precision treats me with respect and I always feel cared for. I've never had a doctor before that I liked or that I felt safe or comfortable seeing. I barely saw a doctor for 10 years unless I was critical.
Calgary, AB