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Good Health Starts in Your Mouth

Pure North strives to help Canadians feel better and live longer by taking a preventative approach to healthcare. An important part of our health is ensuring mouth health. As we say, health begins in our mouth.

One of our goals at Pure North is to educate people on the potential danger of mercury amalgam fillings.

Sometimes called “silver” fillings, they are still the most common type of filling used in Canada and we strongly believe this needs to change.

With amalgam fillings, when you chew, tiny amounts of mercury are released from the filling. The build-up of mercury released from the filling into your body is bio-accumulative, meaning it collects in certain tissues of the body including the kidneys and the brain.

Exposure to mercury can have significant health ramifications impacting the nervous, digestive and immune systems as well as impact the lunges, kidneys, skin and eyes. In fact, mercury is considered by the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the top ten chemicals, or groups of chemicals, of major public health concern.

If you have mercury amalgam fillings, talk to your dentist about your options. Or, call us to connect with a dentist that can talk with you about removing your mercury amalgam fillings.

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