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Does medical insurance cover the 16 Point Health Assessment and Pure North’s various program options?

The cost of the Pure North Programs may be  covered under various health insurance plans or health spending accounts.  However, the dollar amounts and services covered vary between the many different health insurance plans and health spending accounts that people have.  We encourage you to speak with one of our customer care personnel for assistance in assessing your coverage.

In some instances only portions of the program may be covered.  For example, the consultation with a healthcare practitioner (naturopathic doctor or nurse practitioner) may be covered by your health insurance while the supplements may not be covered. The Pure North team can help you navigate the coverage your insurance provider offers to determine which, if any, portion of the program is covered.

Can I opt out at any time?

Yes, but we ask participants cover the costs of services and supplements they have received. We also encourage participants to commit to the program for three months to see and feel the benefits of the program.

Can I purchase extra supplements and blood work?

As a Gold or Platinum Plan participant you are eligible to purchase additions supplements and blood work. These are available at a cost recovery price point and your healthcare practitioner would be happy to discuss the options and merits with you.

Does Pure North connect with my family doctor?

We encourage all participants to share their results with their family doctor so that we can work together towards achieving your optimal health. With your permission we can send your results to your family doctor on your behalf.

Does my information stay confidential?

Yes, all personal information is kept strictly confidential.

With participants’ permission, their blood and other health tests are anonymized and amalgamated to assess the benefits of the program. The anonymized dataset is also provided to independent scientists from universities around the world, who are not involved in the program, to help evaluate the program’s impact on overall health and the prevention of chronic disease.

Are children eligible to join?

The Pure North Program is open to participants over the age of 14. If you are curious if the Pure North Program many be beneficial to your child, over the age of 14, please do not hesitate to give us a call to discuss.

Are any extra treatments included with my program?

As a Pure North participant you have the option to purchase additional supplements or blood work not included in your chosen plan, though we encourage all participants to discuss the merits of the additional supplements with their healthcare practitioner to ensure they will be beneficial.

The cost of all supplements and services are included in the Platinum Plan.

For a list of services included in each plan click here.

Do you offer dental work?

As part of the Platinum Plan, an appointment with a Pure North dentist, which involves x-rays and examination, is included.

Within this appointment the dentist will develop a treatment plan based on your individual oral health needs and you will receive a cost estimate for your treatment plan. By bringing your insurance information with you to your dental visits the dentist will be able to identify which procedures will be covered, or partially covered, by your dental insurance.

How long will my results take? Will I be contacted?

Your blood panel results take approximately three weeks to process. A Pure North team member will contact you to book and confirm your follow up appointment to review your results with your healthcare practitioner.

Are the supplements gluten-free?

Yes. Pure North has done extensive research to ensure the supplements we provide are of the highest quality and potency.

The supplements provided are practitioner grade, from the must trusted names in the industry and are tested to ensure they are organic, gluten-free, and free of additives and banned substances for athletes.

Can I make a donation to Pure North?

Yes. You can make credit card donations via our donation page.

You can also contact us for other payment methods.

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