Health & Vitality Assessment


a $249 Introductory assessment and health plan

An affordable diagnostic program to give you a clear picture of where your health is today, and provide you with the knowledge and support needed to improve your health and feel your best.

By focusing on lifestyle choices that prevent chronic illness and disease Pure North is committed to helping you feel better and live longer.


2 Appointments

One initial visit with a nurse and a follow-up visit with a Health Practitioner approximately 3 weeks later.


45 minutes with a nurse to review your present health status and personal goals.

30 minute consult with Health Practitioner (Naturopathic Doctor or Nurse Practitioner) to review blood work results and develop an individualized lifestyle and supplement plan.

Blood Testing

10 bio-markers of health:
Vitamin D: 25(OH)D
Kidney function: Creatinine, eGFR
Liver function: GGT, ALT
Thyroid function: TSH
Inflammation: hs-CRP
Blood Glucose Control: HbA1C
Vitamin B12
Iron status: Ferritin


Biometric assessment including TANITA body composition analysis (ages 18+).

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Our Hours
Our office is open 8am to 4pm Monday to Thursday.

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What to Expect When you arrive

Your Initial Appointment
  • Complete a comprehensive health history and assessment.
  • With the nurse, you will go over your health information form and they will also take your biometrics: blood pressure, height and weight.
  • Next, a nurse or phlebotomist will take your blood. Your blood is sent to Doctor’s Data for analysis, and the results will be reviewed at your second Pure North visit in about 3 weeks.
During Your Second Pure North Appointment
  • At your second visit to Pure North you will meet with one of the naturopathic doctors or nurse practitioners. The two of you will go over the results of your blood tests, your biometrics, and health information forms. With all of information gathered the two of you will develop your personalized healthy living and supplementation plan to meet your health goals.
  • With your healthy living and supplementation plan in hand, the next choice is whether you would like Pure North’s continued support on your health journey. Your healthcare practitioner will provide information regarding the four Pure North Program Plan options. The programs have been designed to provide options for every health goal and any budget. Your healthcare practitioner can help you choose which program would best suite your health needs. There is no obligation to join a Pure North Program. As a participant you can change programs as your needs change, and they can be canceled with 30 days notice if you change your mind. If you decide to leave the program, we simply ask that your pay for the services and products you received to date.
Frequently asked questions

Pure North offers four different month-to-month memberships that will allow you to continue working with our team on an ongoing basis. We can help you choose an option that will fit your health goals and your budget.

Yes, many benefit providers will recognize all, or a portion, of the Health & Vitality Assessment fees. After you have completed your follow-up consultation, ask our team for a detailed receipt of the services you received. If you would like to check with your benefits provider in advance, ask if “diagnostic testing” and “naturopathic consults” are eligible services on your benefits plan and that will give you a better idea of the coverage you have.

This assessment is designed for adults who want to better understand their health. Children and teenagers may participate in the program with the consent of their parent or guardian, but not all components of the program are suitable for individuals under 18 years of age.

Absolutely. If our team feels that the Health & Vitality assessment package is not sufficient for the health challenges you are experiencing, our Health Practitioners will provide options for add-on diagnostic testing that you may choose to purchase.

It depends on your family doctor and what health conditions you have. Our health system provides testing when it is considered medically necessary, so if you currently have conditions that would require testing, you could have some or all of this bloodwork completed.

Unfortunately, you cannot have preventative testing done through AHS. If you would like to know if you are pre-diabetic, vitamin D or B12 deficient, or monitor the health of your liver, kidney or thyroid, you would need to have some recognized genetic factor, or indicating symptom present to order the tests.
At Pure North we believe a great deal of health complications, discomfort, and medical treatments can be avoided with preventative screening for common diseases. If an issue is detected early, your chances of reversing the damage and preventing the illness are much greater.

Pure North S’Energy Foundation is a not-for-profit, charitable organization. Our focus is chronic disease prevention and our goal is to help Canadians feel better and live longer. Every team member at Pure North is dedicated to helping you understand your body by arming you with knowledge.

Pure North was founded in 2007. We started as a complimentary health program for CNRL employees and families, and have since grown to offer affordable preventative health services to all Canadians.

Our program is research based and we are continually learning and improving to stay up to date with the latest findings. When you participate in our program, you will be asked if you consent to anonymously share your information with our research team. You can read the research and findings the Pure North program data has contributed to on our website here.