Our Mission is to help you Feel Better and Live Longer

We want your feedback. We ask you to share your experiences with us so that we are able to meet your needs and expectations. We use the Client Narratives, your anonymous general feedback, to improve our program. For us, it is a constant process of quality improvement. For you, it is a measure of your investment. You can read some experiences shared with us below.

What do participants report?

We have had an independent researcher analyze all the Client Narratives we have collected. This is simply a sheet of paper provided to all participants that asks 4 general questions and is submitted anonymously.

The last report from nearly 1,500 participants (from 2015 to 2016) found the following:

  • Many clients (75-95%) reported improvements in overall health and wellbeing
  • Increased energy levels (44%), better mood (18%) and less depression (15%) or feeling happier (13%) were commonly reported

We believe that these are impressive results, but we aim to do better.

I had a lot of fatigue, bloating, digestive issues and heavy metals in my system before I joined Pure North. Since joining the program I feel younger than my age. I now have good digestion and I feel that my health has greatly improved. I mentally feel more alert and focused. I love the program and services at Pure North. The staff are excellent. I feel very blessed to have found the Pure North program."
Verda, 66
High River, AB
Before joining the program at Pure North I was taking supplements and thought that my health was good. Since joining the program, I am now taking the right supplements dictated by my blood test and on the advice of the health practitioner instead of just guessing. I now feel like my body is getting what it really needs. The services are excellent and the staff are helpful and pleasant to deal with.”
Carol, 73
I was tired, easily stressed, troubles sleeping, foggy thinking and generally did not feel well before joining Pure North. Since joining the program I feel like myself again. I can function with energy and a clear mind. My experience with Pure North has been amazing. I am very grateful for this opportunity.”
Sheri, 50
I had a lack of energy, cloudy mind, emotionally charged, miscarriages, over weight and frustrated due to my efforts not showing results prior to the program. Since joining Pure North, I have a clearer understanding of what I need to do and good direction.”
Michelle, 37
I thought that my health was average but I was out of shape and had knee and joint stiffness before I joined the program at Pure North. Since joining the program, I no longer have joint pain, I am less tired and my skin has improved. The staff and services offered at Pure North are five star. I am on board with the vitamin D!”
Frank, 64
My mental health was very low before the program. Joining Pure North gave me hope. Since joining the program, I feel much more encouraged regarding my future. I don’t take prescription drugs anymore to kill the pain. I feel like a person not an object at Pure North. I have never felt this way at a doctor’s office. I feel privileged to be able to receive help from Pure North.”
Kathryn, 73
I had never heard of taking Vitamin D before – I didn’t know the importance of that. The vitamins … are very good. I really like the program, it’s excellent.”
Since joining Pure North, I feel more balanced, peaceful and I have more energy. The staff at the clinic are great, helpful and polite.”
Timothy, 55
I had a lack of energy, fatigue and muscle pain before I joined the program at Pure North. Since joining, my pain is gone and I am more active than I was before. The staff at the clinic are friendly and helpful."
Toby, 48
Prior to joining the program at Pure North, I was tired and had anxiety symptoms. Since joining Pure North, I have more energy and my overall health is great. The staff at the clinic were awesome.”
Melissa, 35
I was not interested in health and wellness prior to joining the program at Pure North. Since joining the program, I have a better understanding of my body and what I need to stay healthy and I no longer suffer from as many colds and flus. I always have a positive experience when I come to the clinic."
Mark, 35
I’ve never been a vitamin taker but a friend of mine had been on the program for a year, and she said ‘You should try it.’ So I did. I really do feel it’s helped with my health. They are a very kind organization. They take time to listen to your concerns."
One of the biggest things was just feeling supported. They did all kinds of tests – it was nice to know where I was physically.” (Sandy) “The vitamins helped me sleep better, and I had more energy. Thank you, Pure North.”
Gerry and Sandy
Prior to joining the program I suffered from joint pain and had troubles focusing. Since joining the program, I feel great and I am no longer taking any medications. The staff at Pure North have been great to me and are always there when I need to talk to someone.