Pure North's Specialty Programs


Pure North offers three program options focused on measuring your current and ongoing health, providing nutrient supplements, and dietary and lifestyle advice. We are here to assist you in being your healthiest self.

We want to help you better understand the benefits of knowing your cholesterol level, detecting nutrient deficiencies, how to control your blood sugar measures, whether or not you have inflammation, taking a PSA test to detect prostate disease or having regular mammograms to screen for breast cancer, and many other health matters.

Pure North health care professionals are able to provide assistance for any number of health goals including common complaints such as fatigue, low mood, problems sleeping, allergies or food sensitivities, joint pain, recurrent stomach issues, or managing a chronic condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure. We are here to help you with your health.

Why special programs?

We have listened to our participants and we know that not everyone wants the same thing. Our Special Programs are directed at treating specific conditions. You do not need to join a regular Pure North program to access the Special Programs – these were developed to treat specific needs with the development of an individualized and integrative health plan.

the programs

Pure North’s Integrative Clinics are specific for supporting the following

Heart Health and Diabetes

An integrative approach to preventing heart disease and type 2 diabetes for those at risk.

Memory and Alzheimer’s Disease

A personalized program based on ReCODE protocol aimed at reversing and preventing cognitive decline.

Balanced Hormones

A personalized plan that incorporates a natural approach with standard conventional medicine to balanced hormones.

Cancer Care

Coming Soon!

Customized Care Plan Based on Your DNA

Coming Soon!

Lifestyle & Accountability Program

Coming Soon!