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On July 31, 2022 Pure North S’Energy Foundation ceased to operate this webstore.
Effective August 1, 2022, 1977204 Alberta Ltd, a for profit company, operating as Pure North took over the operations of the webstore.
The products being sold are the same products previously offered by Pure North S’Energy Foundation.

  • NAC & ALA pill

    NAC & ALA Combo


    N-acetylcysteince (NAC) & alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) are highly complementary nutrients that are crucial in maintaining healthy cellular functioning as well as healthy glucose metabolism.

    180 tablets per bottle.

    This product has an expiration date of March, 2026.

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  • Natural Factors SunVitamin D3 (2500 IU)


    Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin, which the body creates when skin is exposed to ultraviolet light. It is essential for immune function, calcium absorption, building and maintaining strong bones and teeth, and overall health.

    180 softgels per bottle.

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  • Vital 2 Platinum Multivitamin


    An all-natural blend that delivers 41 essential vitamins and minerals. Our Vital 2 Platinum multivitamin formula delivers superior nutritional support!

    180 tablets per bottle.

    Temporarily out of stock, and we anticipate receiving a new supply in the second half of 2024

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  • Vitality Packs in a boxVitality Pack Premium blister pack

    Vitality Packs Box


    The Vitality Pack Premium contains five supplements that will address core nutrient deficiencies and support disease prevention.

    90 blister packs per box.

    Read about the five supplements on our Vitality Pack Premium Page.

    This product has an expiration date of December, 2024.


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