Feel Better, Live Longer

Get the tools and the knowledge you need to take control of your physical and mental health. Learn more about Pure North’s innovative, evidence-based, preventive care.

At Pure North S’Energy Foundation we believe the most effective way to ensure a long and healthy life lies in prevention. It’s a belief that guides everything we do.

As Canada’s largest primary prevention- focused, not-for-profit organization, Pure North’s central goal is to empower Canadians to achieve their best health, feel better and live longer. This is done with simple and effective clinical interventions — ones that are proactive in the pursuit of health, rather than reactive when confronted with discomfort and disease.

At Pure North, we believe in the importance of measurable health improvement. We continually review the most current research and update our program to ensure our participants are benefitting from the best minds — from all over the world — when it comes to prevention-focused health measures. This intense focus on measurement and tracking also applies to our work with individual participants.

Pure North’s preventive medical model improves lives and lowers health care costs by getting to the root of the cause.

The services offered by Pure North are not intended to displace conventional medical treatment but rather to offer preventive services not provided by primary, publicly funded health care.

Everything from lifestyle counselling and education around nutrition and exercise, to blood analysis and dietary supplementation are available to Pure North’s participants.

A multi-disciplinary team of naturopathic doctors, nurse practitioners, dentists and other health care professionals work together with each individual participant in their pursuit of optimal health.

While an interdisciplinary approach to preventive health care sounds simple and smart, Pure North’s work is revolutionary. As far back as 1943, the Canadian Medical Association called for preventive medicine to become a federal priority. Yet in the 75 years since the proclamation, scant progress has been made. The continued trend to treat disease, rather than prevent disease, has contributed to an international health crisis.

Recent data from the Canadian Chronic Disease Surveillance System showed that 44 per cent of Canadian adults over the age of 20 have at least one of 10 common chronic conditions, such as diabetes, straining an already burdened health system. It is estimated that as much as 80 per cent of chronic disease risk may be attributed to diet and lifestyle. While leading health policy commentators continue to speak out on the necessity for preventing avoidable health issues, few are listening.

Seeing that the increase in taxpayers’ dollars to health care was having little impact on slowing the tide of chronic diseases, in 2007 Calgary entrepreneur and philanthropist Allan Markin founded Pure North. More importantly, Markin, the organization’s chief accountability officer, saw the potential for preventive care to save his own life and to transform the lives of others. With another ambitious goal of making optimal health more accessible, Pure North offers preventive health care and dental services to all Albertans, including those living in poverty and homelessness.

Giving people the knowledge and tools to take control of their own physical and mental health, through providing the most innovative, evidence-based care, is more than just a common-sense approach. It’s one that transforms thinking away from a “sick care” system to one that is truly a “h​ealth care” system.