Please note that these publications we produced while Pure North S’Energy Foundation operated a physical Calgary clinic. Despite the clinic’s closure, the information is still relevant.

At Pure North S’Energy Foundation we believe the most effective way to ensure a long and healthy life lies in prevention and importantly, education.  You need to know what you can do to be your healthiest. Below we share the information that we feel is important to your health.

Staff Profiles

Meet the Conductor

Office manager Joanna Xayarath keeps Pure North running like a Swiss train, making Pure North “like a second home,” says one fan.

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Be Active. Be Healthy.

We may not all be good enough to make a living from it, but we run, hike, bike, ski, golf, and enjoy being active. If you’re like me, you want to perform at your best. From marathoners to hockey players, we want to be our strongest, fastest, fittest selves.

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Support During Cancer Treatment

Navigating through the world of cancer is an overwhelming and scary experience to say the least. Your doctor says do nothing beyond what oncology tells you, your friends send you countless stories of individuals cured by “natural treatments.” Who should you trust?

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